My Unlikely Bucket List. – SBC week 9

Hello, today I’m going to be talking about my bucket list. I think in my whole life, I’ve only completed 2 or 3.


number 1, to sleep all day.

I find this difficult to complete because I everyone has a sleep-cycle. My sleep cycle is all over the place, ranging from sleeping at 9 pm, the earliest or 11 pm, the latest, to waking up at 7 am or 10 am. I normally get at least 8 hours of sleep, I’m a very heavy sleeper mind you so it’s hard to wake me up. Not counting the fact that I sometimes stay up late because I’m bored and thinking about life.


number 2, to have an all-nighter.

This should be easier because (like I said before) I’m a very heavy sleeper. But no. It’s surprisingly difficult as I’m used to waking up at a certain time because of my sleep cycle. You might be wondering why would I want to torture myself? Well, my friend did it so blame it on him.


number 3, to convince everyone that chicken nugget dipped in ice-cream is good.

A popular quote or saying is “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” -Edwin Rolfe but it seems like that people do. This is totally unfair as it’s actually really good! Like they haven’t even bothered to give it a taste…  I only have one friend that says it’s good. ;-;


number 4, to complete my bucket list.

This one’s the hardest since I have to do everyone of the above.


Thank you for reading my bucket list. You’ve probably done these but I HAVE NOt.

4 thoughts on “My Unlikely Bucket List. – SBC week 9

  1. Hahaha! This is so funny! Great job on your ‘Unlikely Bucket list.’ I think that your header quote is really amazing. I find that waking up is hard too. Good luck with your next post!

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