Game Time! – SBC week 8

Hi guys, I’m back to writing a post for the student blogging challenge. This took me a lot of procrastinating to convince myself to write this. If you didn’t know, it’s actually the school holidays where I live. But since I enjoy student blogging so much (and I have no social life), I decided I might as well do it! So today, I’m doing game 1, count out 3. I decided it might be fair if I did student, class, student blog so it’ll kind of be even. Anyway, that took too long and let’s begin!



FIRST (student blog)

attempt #1 (fail)

I went on the March student list and saw this (I presumed it was a ) girl. Next to her website it said ROBLOX and drawing anime. Instantly I clicked on it but unfortunately, there was no blogroll on Alaina’s blog.


attempt #2 (fail, again)

Ah yes, you read right. Fail again. So I scrolled a bit until I stumbled a crossed Alai’s blog. Again, it was her interest that captured me. It said “making slime and playing games”, and oh boy, do I love slime. I just realised how similar their names were… I guess we should move on to hopefully a more successful blog!


attempt #3 (fail.)

Today is just not my day… I clicked on Indie’s blog most likely because it’s name was in capitals.


attempt #4

(no caption) J.K MEOWling’s blog. (I love the name)


[skipped a lot of other failed attempts]


attempt #102 (this is no joke my 100th time)

Then after a billion years, I finally found one… Quin’s blog. You do not know how excited I am!!1!1!11! This blog is overall very nicely set out and I think you should check it out!


I clicked on Cameron’s blog because it had a long nice name. The first post I read was very funny. I didn’t comment because I’m on a time frame. 🙁


I finally come my destination… Ben’s blog. He’s commented on my blog a LONG time ago but I never got back to him because I got told off while I was typing my comment (aka I got caught). So um yes, this perfect. PLUS I picked this blog not only because of the previous reason but it mentioned animal (“ben’s animal”).


This is the POST I commented on.

And this is what I commented:

Hi Ben,
I’m getting back a bit late but you commented on my rant about my brother post and I never got back to you. Sorry. I think chickens look very cute in the photos you took there but I have had some brutal experience with them. This is probably why I hate birds of any type and scared I’m going to get pecked to death by one of them. Do they have names? If so, what are their names?

Happy blogging,
Figgy x

p.s here’s the link to my blog if you’d like to comment again,

[this is not included in the comment]

here’s the link to my little rant about my annoying brother! Ahehe, shameless self promotion.



SECOND (class blog)

attempt #1

Mrs. Motley’s class blog. I went on her blog and saw she only has one post. It doesn’t look like she’s active anymore…


attempt #2

This didn’t take as long as the student blog one and one my 2nd try I found Mrs. Moore’s class blog. I took only a quick glance at her blog (because I was getting inpatient) and it was very tidy and organised.


Then I came to Mrs. Yollis class blog. I couldn’t read very clearly but I did find another class blog to go to.


Finally I came to Miss Jordan’s class blog. It was very clear to see since it was on edublogs default. I enjoyed this blog very much.

This is the POST I commented on:

This is what I commenetd:

Hi Miss Jordan and the class,
Even though I’ve been at Australia for nearly 7 years, I still don’t know much facts about it. I decided I was going to take the koala 2 truth 1 lie by Annabel and Eliza. I think that the statement “koalas are bears” aren’t real. I know for a fact that they have 2 thumbs and I believe that habitat loss is the biggest threat.

Happy blogging,
Figgy xx

p.s here’s the link to my blog



THIRD (student blog)


attempt #1 (let’s hope for the best)

So I’ve learnt my lesson. I should stick with 11 (which is my age) and up. This way I have more hope of finding someone that has a blog roll. I came across Claire’s blog. Her blog was very cute but the font was too big for me personally. Also, she did not include a blog roll.


attempt #2 (cross your fingers)

Once again, it’s a fail. It was Lucy’s blog.


attempt #3 (cross your toes now)

Yay! It’s successful for once, I finally stumbled upon a blog that has a blogroll. The blog was Kayleigh’s. Her blog was very cute and organised.


Then I came upon Ella’s blog. Even though the link on Kayleigh’s blog was wrong, I pulled through. Her blog was so easy to read and I just loved it! Of course, I didn’t comment because I was rushing.


Andddd, we came back to Kayleigh’s blog. I’m not sure if this counts but the other link (which was Maddie’s blog) didn’t work either so I just came back to Kayleigh’s blog.


This is the POST I commented on.

This is the comment itself:

Hi Kayleigh,

Your avatar is really cute! What website did you to make it? Your pet pig and hamster are also really adorable! Especially the names, the rhymes are incredibly creative. Do you have any pets in real life?

Happy blogging,
Figgy xx

the link to my blog if you’d like to check it out



please realise that i put the tick on notify me via email thingy. if they reply, i will notify you guys.



Ben replied! This is what he replied:

Hi Figgy,

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, my family has named three of the four. The names are, Princess, Sarge (I know it’s a wierd name, it wasn’t my Idea!), and Henrieta. We are still Indecisive on the fourth name and how we are going to tell each one apart. Also, sorry about your experience with birds of this type.



And this is what I replied:

Hello Ben,

That’s some cute names! Do they have a breed?

-Figgy xx



4 thoughts on “Game Time! – SBC week 8

  1. Hi Figgy!
    You were a very busy blog visitor! You provided detail about every attempt and every bog you visited.
    I most appreciated your use of humor and exaggeration in your writing style. It made it very enjoyable to read!
    Happy blogging to you too!
    Mrs. Hale

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