I Don’t Like Pizza. – Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

What’s the big deal about pizza? It looks disgusting, tastes disgusting and smells disgusting. I’ve tried pizza once in a life and it was horrendous!


Let’s start off with the crust.

The crust, an essential to pizza. Crust is like bread by it self. It’s all good until they stuff cheese and other stuff IN the crust. Without the crust, there’s no pizza. This is “story” that will disgust you!


The toppings.

First of all, why do people put ketchup on the crust? Ketchup is disgusting itself! The most common toppings on pizza are (ketchup,) pepperoni, cheese, ham, tomatoes, mushroom and a lot of others. Pepperoni, I’m not going to say much because I actually like it myself but mixed with pizza? Ew. Then cheese, I personally hate cheese by itself but on pizza? That basically took it to a whole new disgusting level. And tomatoes. There’s already ketchup on the pizza, it’s like putting tomato on tomato juice. Honestly, it’s really the ketchup that disgust me.



Lastly, the names.

Some names are pretty creative if I say so myself BUT Hawaiian pizza isn’t one of them. According to my research (I know I actually did research) , ‘Hawaiian’ pizza didn’t even originate from Hawaii! In fact (Wikipedia) it came from Canada. Also, pineapple on pizza? No, no for me.


Overall, I hope you enjoyed this little rant about pizza. Sorry for it being kind of short as I was in a rush but I still hope you enjoyed!



QOTB (question of the blog): What’s your favourite pizza/topping?



48 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Pizza. – Student Blogging Challenge Week 5

  1. So in Australia you have ketchup on your pizza? In America we have tomato sauce.
    I remember when I was ten years old I tasted pizza for the first time, and I didn’t like it. But I have developed a taste for it. My favorite pizza toppings are ground beef and bacon.
    Mrs. Wohlafka

    • Dear Mrs Wohlafka,
      Isn’t tomato sauce like ketchup? I call it ketchup because I thought it was the same as tomato sauce. Sorry.

      • No reason to be sorry. Tomato sauce is like ketchup but not quite the same. In USA we eat pasta with tomato sauce, but in Norway, where I’m from, they eat pasta with ketchup, which I think is really weird!

  2. Hi Figgy, You might find me weird but one of my favourite pizza toppings is actually onion! (But only if it’s caramelised!)

    I found your post really funny and I like how you splitted it into sections.

  3. Hi Figgy! I love how you expressed your opinion like this, but I think that maybe the pizza is different in America than where you live. Most pizza in America is really good, as long as it doesn’t have any weird toppings on it! Have you ever been to America?

    • Hey Lauren!
      Thank you for your nice feedback, I haven’t been to America and (to be honest) I don’t plan to go as I’m scared of planes. I suppose I can’t comment on how pizza taste in America since I haven’t been there. Do you think pineapple belongs on pizza?

      Kind regards,
      Figgy x

  4. Figgy,
    Though I disagree with your thoughts, this post was extremely interesting, as I love a little rant.
    Pardon me if I accidentally comment similar to the many other commenters on this post. Yes, we do have tomato sauce here in America, but it is just more of a warm gourmet crushed up tomato sauce. I liked how you layered your thoughts of the pizza. Pineapple Pizza is not too bad because the sweet pineapple tastes good against the savory cheese. I believe that the names are terrible and that Hawaiian Pizza is disgraceful towards Hawaiian a culture. Did you know that Dole Pineapple Farms are mainly in Hawaii? Thanks for showing your views to me!
    Lily (http://24lilyz.edublogs.org)

    • Dear Lily,
      thank you for putting time into writing such a long and detailed comment. Honestly, I don’t see the difference between ketchup and tomato sauce. I’ve just always thought that tomato sauce was an Aussie way of saying ketchup but I do ketchup because it sounds better and it’s shorter. Now that you mention it, my mum puts tomato sauce in pasta but she wouldn’t put “ketchup” in it. And no, I did not know that dole pineapple farms are mainly in Hawaii?

      Kind regards,
      Figgy x

    • Dear Prab,
      I’m not actually sure what kind of pizza I tried because I was very young back then. Do you have any good recommendations if I ever try again?

      -Figgy x

  5. Dear Figgy,
    I love how you expressed your feelings and didn’t care what anyone else thought. I can see why you thought ketchup on pizza is disgusting because that really doesn’t sound good. Maybe pizza in America is a little different and good. Do you think you would ever try pizza again?
    From Kenna (http://24kennaw.edublogs.org/)

    • Hi Kenna,
      I have a lot of unpopular food opinions but that doesn’t define much about who I am. I believe it’s tomato sauce not ketchup that’s on pizza, sorry for the misunderstanding. Maybe pizza is a bit better in America. Depends really, if one day they put rice on the crust maybe I’ll try pizza (really weird thought). Most western is just not for me, I dislike sandwiches that has ham (I don’t like ham), bacon (ew) and meat in general. I just like bread with jam in it. What’s your favourite type of pizza?

      Kind regards,
      Figgy xx

  6. Hi Figgy!
    Thought I love pizza, I understand your point of view. It is slightly weird that there is a dish where a crust has tomato sauce, globs of cheese, and PINEAPPLE?!?!! Even though I live in Hawaii and love pineapple, I can’t eat “Hawaiian” pizza. Loved reading your rant, please check out my blog! http://hongwanjimissionschool.edublogs.org

    • Hello Naho, (love your name by the way)
      I don’t like a lot of food, including cheese. I’m not to sure about pineapple because I can never tell when it’s sweet or not and I’ve got a sweet tooth (even though I hate some chocolates). Do you have any tips on how to tell the difference between a sweet and sour pineapple? I’ll check out your blog for sure!

      Thanks for commenting,

  7. Hi Figgy,
    I like my pizza with chicken and cheese. I didn’t like pizza when I was really little but do like it now. I also dislike a food that most people like… chocolate! Some people think I am crazy but I just don’t like the taste. Hope you visit my blog and comment.

    • Hey Lucy,
      Thanks for commenting on my blog! I don’t like chocolate too, I found it too sweet. I only like chocolate with some type of flour (like in a pastry). I’ll go to your blog. xx

      Thanks again,

  8. Hello!!!
    My name is Sophia and my nickname is FIG or FIGAROONEY. So hey, I found 2 things we have in common. I live in California and let me just say it is what lots of people love. You can ask “hey what do you want to go eat” and they will answer “PIZZA!!!”. I personally hate pizza. My cousin thought I was going vegan but, no. I mean it just breads with tomato sauce and meat.
    Well ya. I really enjoyed reading how you expressed your opinion on pizza. But hey our taste buds do change every 7 yrs so… there is a possibility that they will change. I also like your blog structure. Here is the link to my blog hope you can visit …(http://sophiathefig365842.edublogs.org/)
    Have an awesome day!!

    • Hiii Sophia!

      Thank you for your nice comment! I could never imagine going vegan (or even vegetarian) but my parents wouldn’t let me anyway. They say I’ll not get enough nutrients which is true but oh well. My taste buds change pretty frequently and that’s something my mum dislikes because she hardly ever impresses with me her “new” food. Thanks again!

      Figgy xx

    • Hello Skylar,
      I LOVE ramen, the thing I love the most about it, is that you can add the change the taste of it. My favourite has to be spicy ramen though (I love spicy food). And I’ll check out your blog!


    • Dear Sarah,
      Hehe, I completely agree with you on the pizza+fruit. I’ll check out your blog and I’d be honoured to be your friend.

      Figgy xx

  9. Hi Figgy! I like your argument on why you don like pizza. I myself enjoy pizza, but sometimes when I think about what I’m eating…I lose my appetite. This is a great post!
    Link to my blog here! Victoria’s Blog

  10. Hi, Figgy!
    Wow, I really was surprised when you said that you hated pizza. Well, you’re not the only one, my dad hates it. But I do agree with you when you said that fruit on a pizza was disgusting. I think that my favorite pizza is supreme (veggie pizza). It’s not all bad, at least you get nutrients from the veggies.
    If you would like too, come check out my blog! http://hmsnatalie.edublogs.org/

    • Hi Natalie!
      I get shocked faces a lot when I say I hate pizza. After a while, you get used to it. Maybe I should give another go, you never know if your taste buds evolved or not? I’ll come to your blog!

      Thank you for commenting.
      Figgy x

  11. Hi!

    This was a really interesting post! Pizza isn’t one of my favorite foods, but I still enjoy it. I also don’t really understand putting pineapple on pizza, but hey, there’s some other really gross toppings too! Check out my blog? :3 Link

    • Hello Skye,
      Thank you for commenting! I agree that there are some more questionable toppings than pineapple but it was the first to come to mind. I’ll check out your blog!

      Thanks again,
      Figgy x

  12. Hello Figgy,
    this was a lovely post. I really enjoy eating pizza, but I would totally understand if someone hated it. When I first tried pizza, I thought it looked weird and it was really oily but it tasted pretty good.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Skyla,
      Thanks for commenting. Maybe I wouldn’t hate it so much if it didn’t have some of the toppings I hate. Most western foods are just not for me!

      Link to blog?
      Figgy x

  13. Hi Figgy,
    Wow, I didn’t realize someone could not like pizza! The more you describe it the more I get why you don’t like it. I also agree with you on the names! I’m from Hawaii and I don’t know many people that actually like pineapple on pizza. My favorite topping s to put on pizza are pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, ricotta (cheese), parmesan, Italian sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, chicken, and tomato sauce. Check out my blog at hmsedublogs.org/hmsisabella

    ~ Isabella

    • Hey Isabella,
      Hehe, I get why you would be shocked/suprised. Sometimes the more you think about what you eat, the more you lose your appetite. I never knew there was such thing as Canadian bacon? Would you mind explaining it to me?

      Figgy x

      • Hi Figgy,
        Basically Canadian Bacon is kinda like ham but it tastes a little smokier, if that makes sense. You can also eat it uncooked or cooked unlike real bacon where you have to cook it. If you ever get a chance to, you should definitely try it!

        ~ Isabella

        • Oh, I can’t really imagine what it would taste like because I’ve never had ham! It sounds ridiculous but it’s true. I might try it if I ever found it in the supermarket. Thanks for the explanation!

          -Figgy xx

  14. Hey Fiiggy,
    I agree I don’t think ketchup on pizza is that good or when they stuff things into the pizza I don’t like it either. But I do like simple pizza’s and when they’re made with tomato sauce. It tastes amazing that way. You just find a good place to eat pizza or make it yourself! Give pizza another chance and if you hate it well there is always pasta.

    • Hello Mina,
      Thanks for commenting! Even though I love DIYs, I’m not particularly good at it. I don’t like pasta either… Ahahaha, I don’t like a lot of food.

      Thanks again,
      Figgy x

  15. Hey figgy
    i don’t really like supreme pizza or The Hawaiian pizza. And i don’t really like the ketchup pizza either.

  16. Hi Figgy,
    your right!
    I don’t really like pizza too!
    Also, I love your blog post!
    it is so funny and is very detailed,
    I can see why it got put on the flip-board magazine!
    kind regards,
    Eleni 🙂

    • Hello Eleni,
      I’m glad I found someone who doesn’t like pizza too. Thanks for the compliment! And what? I got put in the flip-board magazine! I never realised! Thanks for telling me.

      Link to blog?
      Figgy x

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