Taylor. – 100 Words Biography Challenge

Taylor was her name but Tay was what everyone called her. Although her birthday is in early July, she is a midget, standing at (she is) about 4.6ft. Taylor aced (is good at) most subjects besides Art, blending colours just weren’t in her genes! She was problem solver when it came unnecessary (bad) drama. She is talented at basketball and thanks to that, Taylor was also brilliant at Netball. Good as gold, Taylor always listened to the other’s opinions and gave her own. Her admirable personality and her radiant smile was what ultimately lead her to be friends with everyone around her.



Changed words.

Happy Blogging – Week 10 SBC

Hi everyone, I’m glad that I did the Student Blogging Challenge. Writing was never my strong suit but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it. At first, I thought I won’t get any comments and just merely have this blog for school. It’s proved me wrong and I’ve had many great comments and I’ve commented on lots of other people’s posts! I’m so glad I participated in this challenge and hope that I will take part next year. The Student Blogging Challenge (SBC) has lead me to many commenters and helped with the basics of blogging.

This year so far, I’ve written 20 posts (not including this one). Half of them were challenges while the rest were school-based. I never did any for my own interests because I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to. I feel I can improve more by making my blog or blog posts more interactive and fascinating.

The most successful blog post was “I Don’t Like Pizza.”, I think it’s because the SBC promoted my post, so thank you! Most of my comments were from overseas student and I always comment on their posts back because it shows I’ve read their posts. Just a big thank you to everyone who’s reading this!


Thank you so much for this amazing journey!

Miss Anna.

Sweet like honey, Miss Anna was all you wanted in a teacher, nice, kind, patient and had so many more positive traits. Although she was a little overwhelmed at first by the children’s radiant smiles and missing teeth. Quickly, she got used to it. Teaching was her speciality but Ms Anna also learnt a lot from her mischievous Year Ones. Excited is an understatement when the children saw her. Saddened by the horrendous thought that one day, the cute kids would have to say goodbye to Miss Anna. Continuing her long teaching journey as Miss Anna and her students spoke for the last time in years.

Camelsqueak – Biography – 100 words challenge

Camelsqueak is your typical bunny. She was just merely 8 weeks old when she was bought from the rabbit breeder. The little bunny was full of love and energy the moment she entered the door. Camelsqueak loved to hide in tiny corners in the first couple of days before she got used to her family. She’s a lop bunny but what’s more not to love than a MINI lop bunny! Everyone in Figgy’s family adored her and loved to pat her smooth, silky, orange and white fur. Although she doesn’t eat much (she doesn’t eat more than her breed should eat),  she sure does poop a lot for a lil’ bun her size!

Lop bunny, image, accessed 18 May 2018, <https://qployy.weebly.com/>.

My Unlikely Bucket List. – SBC week 9

Hello, today I’m going to be talking about my bucket list. I think in my whole life, I’ve only completed 2 or 3.


number 1, to sleep all day.

I find this difficult to complete because I everyone has a sleep-cycle. My sleep cycle is all over the place, ranging from sleeping at 9 pm, the earliest or 11 pm, the latest, to waking up at 7 am or 10 am. I normally get at least 8 hours of sleep, I’m a very heavy sleeper mind you so it’s hard to wake me up. Not counting the fact that I sometimes stay up late because I’m bored and thinking about life.


number 2, to have an all-nighter.

This should be easier because (like I said before) I’m a very heavy sleeper. But no. It’s surprisingly difficult as I’m used to waking up at a certain time because of my sleep cycle. You might be wondering why would I want to torture myself? Well, my friend did it so blame it on him.


number 3, to convince everyone that chicken nugget dipped in ice-cream is good.

A popular quote or saying is “you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover” -Edwin Rolfe but it seems like that people do. This is totally unfair as it’s actually really good! Like they haven’t even bothered to give it a taste…  I only have one friend that says it’s good. ;-;


number 4, to complete my bucket list.

This one’s the hardest since I have to do everyone of the above.


Thank you for reading my bucket list. You’ve probably done these but I HAVE NOt.

The Beginning of Life for Leonardo DiCaprio – 100 words challenge

Leonardo DiCaprio, image, accessed 3 May 2018, <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_DiCaprio>.


You might know this man from his famous movie, Titanic but do you know his life?


Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born 11th November 1974 in Hollywood, California. His parents were Irmelin Indenbirken and George DiCaprio. Little did they have in mind of what an amazing and successful man he was going to be. As a baby, he experienced the best and worst part of Hollywood since he lived in a part of Tinselville he likes to call ‘Scumsville’. Although he got fired from his first acting job at the age of 5 for being disruptive, he has been improving to become a better actor

Game Time! – SBC week 8

Hi guys, I’m back to writing a post for the student blogging challenge. This took me a lot of procrastinating to convince myself to write this. If you didn’t know, it’s actually the school holidays where I live. But since I enjoy student blogging so much (and I have no social life), I decided I might as well do it! So today, I’m doing game 1, count out 3. I decided it might be fair if I did student, class, student blog so it’ll kind of be even. Anyway, that took too long and let’s begin!



FIRST (student blog)

attempt #1 (fail)

I went on the March student list and saw this (I presumed it was a ) girl. Next to her website it said ROBLOX and drawing anime. Instantly I clicked on it but unfortunately, there was no blogroll on Alaina’s blog.


attempt #2 (fail, again)

Ah yes, you read right. Fail again. So I scrolled a bit until I stumbled a crossed Alai’s blog. Again, it was her interest that captured me. It said “making slime and playing games”, and oh boy, do I love slime. I just realised how similar their names were… I guess we should move on to hopefully a more successful blog!


attempt #3 (fail.)

Today is just not my day… I clicked on Indie’s blog most likely because it’s name was in capitals.


attempt #4

(no caption) J.K MEOWling’s blog. (I love the name)


[skipped a lot of other failed attempts]


attempt #102 (this is no joke my 100th time)

Then after a billion years, I finally found one… Quin’s blog. You do not know how excited I am!!1!1!11! This blog is overall very nicely set out and I think you should check it out!


I clicked on Cameron’s blog because it had a long nice name. The first post I read was very funny. I didn’t comment because I’m on a time frame. 🙁


I finally come my destination… Ben’s blog. He’s commented on my blog a LONG time ago but I never got back to him because I got told off while I was typing my comment (aka I got caught). So um yes, this perfect. PLUS I picked this blog not only because of the previous reason but it mentioned animal (“ben’s animal”).


This is the POST I commented on.

And this is what I commented:

Hi Ben,
I’m getting back a bit late but you commented on my rant about my brother post and I never got back to you. Sorry. I think chickens look very cute in the photos you took there but I have had some brutal experience with them. This is probably why I hate birds of any type and scared I’m going to get pecked to death by one of them. Do they have names? If so, what are their names?

Happy blogging,
Figgy x

p.s here’s the link to my blog if you’d like to comment again, http://fengfanw618.edublogs.org/

[this is not included in the comment]

here’s the link to my little rant about my annoying brother! Ahehe, shameless self promotion.



SECOND (class blog)

attempt #1

Mrs. Motley’s class blog. I went on her blog and saw she only has one post. It doesn’t look like she’s active anymore…


attempt #2

This didn’t take as long as the student blog one and one my 2nd try I found Mrs. Moore’s class blog. I took only a quick glance at her blog (because I was getting inpatient) and it was very tidy and organised.


Then I came to Mrs. Yollis class blog. I couldn’t read very clearly but I did find another class blog to go to.


Finally I came to Miss Jordan’s class blog. It was very clear to see since it was on edublogs default. I enjoyed this blog very much.

This is the POST I commented on:

This is what I commenetd:

Hi Miss Jordan and the class,
Even though I’ve been at Australia for nearly 7 years, I still don’t know much facts about it. I decided I was going to take the koala 2 truth 1 lie by Annabel and Eliza. I think that the statement “koalas are bears” aren’t real. I know for a fact that they have 2 thumbs and I believe that habitat loss is the biggest threat.

Happy blogging,
Figgy xx

p.s here’s the link to my blog http://fengfanw618.edublogs.org/



THIRD (student blog)


attempt #1 (let’s hope for the best)

So I’ve learnt my lesson. I should stick with 11 (which is my age) and up. This way I have more hope of finding someone that has a blog roll. I came across Claire’s blog. Her blog was very cute but the font was too big for me personally. Also, she did not include a blog roll.


attempt #2 (cross your fingers)

Once again, it’s a fail. It was Lucy’s blog.


attempt #3 (cross your toes now)

Yay! It’s successful for once, I finally stumbled upon a blog that has a blogroll. The blog was Kayleigh’s. Her blog was very cute and organised.


Then I came upon Ella’s blog. Even though the link on Kayleigh’s blog was wrong, I pulled through. Her blog was so easy to read and I just loved it! Of course, I didn’t comment because I was rushing.


Andddd, we came back to Kayleigh’s blog. I’m not sure if this counts but the other link (which was Maddie’s blog) didn’t work either so I just came back to Kayleigh’s blog.


This is the POST I commented on.

This is the comment itself:

Hi Kayleigh,

Your avatar is really cute! What website did you to make it? Your pet pig and hamster are also really adorable! Especially the names, the rhymes are incredibly creative. Do you have any pets in real life?

Happy blogging,
Figgy xx

the link to my blog if you’d like to check it out http://fengfanw618.edublogs.org/



please realise that i put the tick on notify me via email thingy. if they reply, i will notify you guys.



Ben replied! This is what he replied:

Hi Figgy,

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, my family has named three of the four. The names are, Princess, Sarge (I know it’s a wierd name, it wasn’t my Idea!), and Henrieta. We are still Indecisive on the fourth name and how we are going to tell each one apart. Also, sorry about your experience with birds of this type.



And this is what I replied:

Hello Ben,

That’s some cute names! Do they have a breed?

-Figgy xx



Really Weird Conspiracy Theory – Student Blogging Challenge week 7

Hi! I’m going to be taking David’s advice and writing something that interest me, conspiracy theories. I found them extremely interesting since they make you think about “what if”s… Conspiracy theories are all about the “maybe”s and “if”s because nothing is proven by scientists and we can’t be sure if they’re real.


For example what if oxygen is actually an illusion and once we don’t have it, our views go black! This all makes sense! Once we don’t oxygen, we black out. Maybe this is all fake and nothing is real. Maybe you’re being kept by aliens for experiments. Ok, the last one was a bit crazy but there’s so much more to this world that we don’t know! Sometimes, some of them are bizarre but you can’t help think about what if it’s real?


The theories might have a bit of logic or “proof” behind them or otherwise why would some of us  believe in them! One famous conspiracy theory (that I personally don’t believe in but I kind of do believe in) is aliens. Almost every space movie has aliens because they are believed to live in space! This kind of misleading because we don’t actually know if it lives in space NOR do we know if it even exist!


I hope you’ve enjoyed one of my weird “interests”. They really fascinate me and I believe in a lot of stuff even if the chances are 0.001 to 0, as long if it has some logic and proof behind. This is a article about 10 famous conspiracy theories in the USA, I don’t live there so I read it and I guess it’s like one of those

“you learn something new everyday!” – Megan Whalen Turner


Thank you for reading!

QOTB: what’s one conspiracy theory you believe in?


Nelson Mandela Quotes – Student Blogging Challenge week 6 #2

Nelson R Mandela was a South African who took part in the anti-apartheid revolutionary and served as a president for 5 years, 1994-1999. He was a positive influence on the world and strived to change the world in a good way. Mandela was a respected president. He was born on the 18 July 1918 and unfortunately passes away on 5 December 2013 (age 95). Here are some of my favourite quotes from him, enjoy!


It always seems impossible until it’s done. – Nelson Mandela


Education is the most powerful way to change the world. – Nelson Mandela


The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising everytime we fall. – Nelson Mandela


Image result for nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela, image, accessed 12 April 2018, <http://www.sahistory.org.za/people/nelson-rolihlahla-mandela>.

nelson mandela picture


I hope you’ve enjoyed these quotes! These quotes give off a very powerful meaning.